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About our community

This space is for you. Say ‘hej’. Get answers to a few questions. Share some bright ideas. Swap your best tips. It’s easy to sign-in to ask a question, to like comments and gain badges.

Welcome to the community

Welcome, nice to have you here! To start integrating with others, you need to create an account. But luckily, It’s super easy to sign up! Re...

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scbir1 by Community Manager

Tour of the community This thread is read-only

Why not join us by creating a profile here Your community has four main rooms: Share Tips & Ideas - go to Inspiration or Sustainability to s...

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mariany2 by Community Manager

Ranks and badges - valuing your contributions This thread is read-only

Hej Thanks for joining our community. In addition to all the tacks, comments, accepted solutions and tagging that you can do in the communit...

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mariany2 by Community Manager

How to Register This thread is read-only

We need you to register to comment, ask questions and take advantage of the other benefits of the community. This helps us keep the place fr...

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mariany2 by Community Manager

Hus rules This thread is read-only

Share your IKEA tips, for badges and gratitude. When you find a good comment, it’s nice to say “Tack” (thanks!). Be kind. IKEA wants you to ...

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mariany2 by Community Manager
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