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Home Smart question?...ask here

Welcome to the IKEA Home Smart board where you can discuss new products, share your wealth of knowledge and experience including setup guides, troubleshooting and queries.   Here are a few helpful links in our IKEA Wiki board or pop your question in ...

scbir1 by Community Manager
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Smart home

Hi I would like to know if I could set motion sensor for a light at 50% and then have a switch for the same light which puts the brightness to 100% and stays on till I'm done? For example I have a long hallway before I enter my kitchen and I wanted s...

Shah by Contributor
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Smart lights

Hello, I am having some trouble using Ika lights, theyhave allways worked correctly, but suddenly three lights stopped working by the app, only in the home switcher, I have 6 lights in my living room trat have yellow an white colors, connected to the...

Ruimenor by Contributor
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Check for New devices Not working

Hello,perhaps I’m missing something, but when I try in Google home or apple HomeKit to check for new devices, it takes me to the ikea app and then shows me a page where is confirms that my Google home account is linked and my apple HomeKit account is...

Dickie_P by Contributor
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Dirigera - family sharing

Hi all! I’ve just set up a Dirigera hub and can’t see how to share it with other family members, except for getting each of them (on each device) to go scan the hub’s QR code and repeat the whole setup process. Is there something I’ve missed, or is t...

Tradfri sensor shutdown time

Hi everyone!I have a Tradfri sensor connected to a Tradfri bulb to manage on/off of the bulb. The bulb lights up when the sensor detects presence, but the bulb does not turn off immediately when the sensor does not detect presence. How can I configur...

Dirigera hub

Hi there, I recently purchased a new dirigera hub and I am struggling to connect to it with the home smart app.  Any pointers would be appreciated.Scouseboy99  

The gateway TRADFRI does not only work in the morning

Hi !Sorry for my poor engllsh, im' french. I don't find any solution for my problem.I have been using the TRADFRI gateway for almost 3 years.But for more than 2 weeks, every morning, it does not work. I have to restart it every time. In the morning, ...