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Home Smart question?...ask here

Welcome to the IKEA Home Smart board where you can discuss new products, share your wealth of knowledge and experience including setup guides, troubleshooting and queries.   Here are a few helpful links in our IKEA Wiki board or pop your question in ...

scbir1 by Community Manager
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FYRTUR bigger sizes - 160 and 180 cm width

Hi,I wonder if there are any plans to extend the line of FYRTUR blinds? I use 3 roller blinds now and although they have their flaws I'm happy with them. I also have bigger windows - 180 cm. Have been waiting patiently for it. Even Jusk has 180 cm no...

tugarev by Contributor
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Third party device

Hi. Is it possible to connect other ZigBee 3.0 devices to Dirigera? For example I have some sonoff pir sensors I would like to add. Thanks.

Ikea smart home troubles

I've been using Ikea smart home for some years now. First with the old hub and i recently purchased the new Dirigera hub.To the old hub i had connected:- 4 curtains in the living room- 2 curtains in the dining room- 2 curtains in the kitchen- 2 curta...

Dirigera family linking

Hello - my husband has set up our new stoftmoln lights and successfully paired with dirigera gateway and app on his phone, however we cannot find a way to add the gateway to my phone too for me to control from the app? Are we missing an obvious butto...

Snap by Contributor
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DIRIGERA - Sunrise - Dim LED at defined time

Hi there,with new Dirigera, i can't find the option to softly start the lamps in the bedroom at a defined time (7:30am) to dim up (from 0% to 100% in 30 minutes) (as a sunrise).With old Tradfri, i could set the time (for example to 8am). At 7:30am, t...

khrmn by Contributor
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DIRIGERA - Motion Sensor - Set Brightness

Hi there,i have Dirigera and Tradfri Motion Sensor.i would like to set the Brightness of the lamps in the App with Dirigera.Right now, at night, it blinds me, because the lamps are being switched on to 100 % Brightness.Feels like Armageddon xD 

khrmn by Contributor
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DIRIGERA Hub not pairing with Tradfri drivers

#oversidan #Tradfri #Dirigera Bought a new DIRIGERA hub, drivers and led strips. Hub connects to wire, works in app. Shows as online. See all the traffic to the AWS services ect. Mobile on same subnet as hub, go to add a tradfri driver. Following on ...