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Home Smart question?...ask here

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Community Manager

Welcome to the IKEA Home Smart board where you can discuss new products, share your wealth of knowledge and experience including setup guides, troubleshooting and queries.


Here are a few helpful links in our IKEA Wiki board or pop your question in the comments below  



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Hej There, 🙂

Are any of the smart options like lights or blinds or anything other have options from with remote control, like abroad or away from home?



If you use apple/iOS, you can use the apple homekit that is integrated in your device to access devices from "outside of your wi-fi".

Otherwise integrations like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa also work. Not all of the features you can find in the Home smart app are available, but it is still away from home access.

Hi  @OveFromSweden,

So smart lights allowed to connect to Home iOS app?


Yes, the Home smart app has an integration feature where you can link Homekit and have access to your lights etc. I have tried it but never had use for it so I can't give any feedback on performance etc..  🙈

I couldn't find anything that works with the Home app, need to get digging 🙂 

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Hej Aleks! I was wondering the same.., but I think I´ve read somewhere that the "access away from home" will be released later. Not available now though. Perhaps  @scbir1 or  @OveFromSweden knows more. I´ve seen that you are active on other questions in this forum 🙂

Hey  @Homesmartnewbie

Welcome to the forum! Yes, I find this is very important to have the ability to control lights being away from home. One main benefit, when you are abroad, this can be acted as a security measure, if robbery or discouraging burglary to happen, enabling lights to pretend that someone is home, it's an important feature. Of course, you can buy smart plugs and do that through the relevant app, but it is a bit strange that need to be a device in-between.

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Hej Community! Today I read about the new app and hub from IKEA Home smart here;

Sounds promising to me!  - when and where can I buy it? 

Can't really say sir, not sure if IKEA promoting on its own site yet, might be a US launch first or... need wait for a bit. 




I get through the email verification loop to enable 3rd party services, but the approved verification is not reflected in the app and hence shows 'verify you email' still. Have tried several times over, reset the DIRIGERA hub, reinstalled app ++. What could I be doing wrong? 

Hi there,

I don’t have anything similar, but do you have web version login details and check if your email was truly verified? Or it’s required further verification or something, could be a glitch! If you have web version logins check all the bits if all good try delete app and reinstall it again and login, then hopefully should be all good! 

shout if you need further help, also do not forget tell what core app and third party, might be compatibility not there yet  


Adding devices to Ikea Home Smart1 and they do not appear in Apple Home

After doing an initial set up, which worked, I now have some new devices to add to the Ikea Tradfri hub ,which have been added into the Ikea Home 1 app; but these new devices do not then appear in Apple Home. How do I sync them?

Hey Jason,

Is there no option in apple home to Add new accessories and try to search with the name you have given or room and then see if you could see it and add it in?

You need to make sure that the IKEA device is compatible with apple home or that sort of environment. Apple making more and more restrictions on getting licenses to devices to work with apple devices, they sort of need to approve that is safe to use etc and then give the stamp that it's good to go on a product, companies need to pay a lot to get a badge that it works with apple home these days, that's why many smart devices work with Alexa and Google and not with Apple.

If you find a way please share it with all visitors that might have the same issue!