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Ikea smart home troubles


I've been using Ikea smart home for some years now. First with the old hub and i recently purchased the new Dirigera hub.

To the old hub i had connected:
- 4 curtains in the living room

- 2 curtains in the dining room

- 2 curtains in the kitchen

- 2 curtains in the office

- 3 curtains in the bedroom

- a number of remotes for the curtains

I have 4 GU10 Ikea smart home bulbs that i moved to a Philips hue hub because it works better and i have philips lights as well.

I am now trying to move the curtains and remotes to the new dirigera hub. However having a lot of issues with this. I've only managed to connect the 2 curtains in the dining room after a lot of trial and error and attempts. Before i try to connect any curtain i:
- remove the curtain from the old hub
- put in a freshly charged battery pack
- follow the exact steps in the app
I never succeed to add the other curtains so far despite several attempts and being at this for 3 weeks now. None of the remotes will link with the hub either. I have tried to factory reset the hub as well and started over but still no luck.

I am getting fed up with this. I invested a vast amount of money in these curtains and when they work they work fine. But getting them connected to a hub is a serious pain in the backside.

As far as i can find there's no troubleshooting guides or steps online for this new hub. I did buy 3 light bulbs (E27) and am now trying to add these so they can work to strengten the signal. But this again seems to be a very big pain in backside even with direct line of sight between the bulb and the dirigera hub i can't get it to sync.



Can someone from Ikea please respond to this? Is there anything that can be done to troubleshoot this? Logs/errors. The app shows absolutely nothing helpful except for "we couldn't find any products".
I even bought a second Dirigera hub. Same story. Can't add anything to it not even a E27 bulb that has direct line of sight with the hub.

Hej @kasper1985! We’re sorry you’re experiencing trouble setting up your Home smart products and I do apologise for the delay in getting back to you.
We may need a bit more information in order to help you better:
  1. Have you updated to the latest version of the Hub and app?
  2. Are all devices you are trying to connect IKEA products? If yes, which type/model are the ones you are experiencing problems with?

Regarding your remotes,
  1. Try changing the batteries
  2. Remove them from the hub through the app and factory reset them
  3. Pair them again. This will trigger the latest firmware update which can take up to a few days depending on your environment.

If you have any other queries, please do let us know  😊



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Hi  @Kieran 

all products are Ikea products. So i’ve made some progress. 
i was able to pair most products. However the remotes for both lights and blindes keep going offline. Despite changing the batteries for fresh ones. Within a day they go offline and need to be paired again. Absolutely completely utterly pointless. 
most my products are over a hear old but if this continues i will ask for a full refund on all these ikea products. I have experienced nothing but issues and problems with this hub and ikea smart home products. 
having to repair every day is not acceptable. 

hi  @Kieran 

this is what happens daily. Remotes (but also other products) go “offline”. I have changed the batteries. The firmware says it’s up to date when i check. It’s like playing wack a mole. Every day i check the app to see what has gone offline this time and what i need to repair again. 
I have added signal repeaters but it doesn’t help. In the kitchen (keuken) i have 9 GU10 ikea bulbs that should act like signal repeaters? So why are these remotes going offline? 
Yesterday 2 blinds in the kitchen went offline and 2 in the bedroom. Repairing these is a big pain in the ass. 
i have installed the latest app and all firmware is up to date. 





Feel like i am talking to myself here. Nobody at Ikea seems to be interested in helping their customers. 
Another fun game of wackamole today. Remote for the roller blinds keeps going offline. As you can see from the screenshot it is reported as having a full battery. There are nine (9!!!) GU10 bulbs in the same room. There is no logica reason for this remote to go offline. Is there a firmware update coming to address these issues? At least show some sign of life and let your customers know you are aware of these issues and are working on it. 



Hej  @kasper1985, I do apologise you feel like you're being ignored, I can assure you this isn't the case. We've passed all of your messages on directly to the developers of the system/app to try and help you with this. I appreciate your patience with this and we'll get back to you as soon as we have an answer for you.

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@Kieran Well there's absolutely no evidence of that whatsoever. Meanwhile today 5 remotes went offline. There's even a signal repeater that went "offline". This is permanently plugged into the wall socket. 
There's reports about the same issues all over Reddit. So this is not a isolated issue. Some sign of life from these "developers" would be nice. 

Hi @kasper1985, We have a few more questiosn to ask that the developers have asked us:


  • What firmware version is your hub running on?
  • What is the firmware version of all your devices?
  • Even if your remotes are going offline, are they still working when pressing the buttons? Are they coming online?



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Firmware: 2.155.1
Model: DIRIGERA Hub for smart products

Open/Close remote curtains (kitchen)
Firmware: 24.4.5
Model: TRADFRI open/close remote
Product ID: E1766
Battery level: 90%

FYRTUR block-out roller blind:
Firmware: 2.3.088

Product ID: E1757-140
Battery level: 100%
(Went offline twice in the last 24 hours)
KADRILJ roller blind:
Firmware: 2.3.088
Product ID: E1752-140
Battery level: 98%
Went offline twice in the last 24 hours

No if the remotes go offline in the app the buttons stop working. They also don't come back by themselves after pressing the button. The only way is to reset them (press link button 4 times) and repair. Like i said a game of wackamole. My day starts with repairing a bunch of Ikea devices as a daily chore even before the first coffee to make sure others in the house can use them. 
I have many more devices. This is just a sample. If you need more examples let me know. 


Hi  @Leanne  @Kieran 

it’s been another 3 days. Can you acknowledge the above has been received by the developers? Do they need anything else? 

Hej! @kasper1985 
Sorry for the delay in response.
We've passed your information on to the development team. They have confirmed that you are on the latest firmware versions for what you have listed. However, they have so far not been able to reproduce the issues you are experiencing. We will let you know if we learn something new!
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Is there any update on this? I am still losing remotes on a daily basis. 
i have installed all recent updates to the app. Is there firmware for the remotes i should install?