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Speakers not showing in Home Smart App


Purchased SYMFONISK speakers along with the sound remote. Initial setup went well with speakers added in the Sonos app and immediately showing in the Home Smart App and remote working perfectly. Around two weeks later all speakers stopped showing in the Home Smart App and remotes were showing with no speaker connected. Speakers still showing in Sonos app and worked perfectly through that.

I can not for the life of me get the speakers to show in the Home Smart App. I have uninstalled both apps, reset DIRIGERA hub and started from scratch, but speakers will not show in Home Smart App. Any suggestions or is anyone else having this issue?


Hej! Thanks for reaching out. Sorry you're experiencing issues connecting your SYMFONISK speakers. Can you try restarting your router as well as your speakers and trying again? Let us know how it goes!
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Hi VickiK.

I am way past restarting the router. I have reset the connections to router, manually removed the speakers from the router, reassigned IP addresses through the router, turned off all firewalls etc. Nothing changes. Speaker show perfectly in the Sonos app, just nothing in the Ikea app. I have also tried the app on both android and apple, still no difference. Since the speakers showed for the first week or two, it seems as though the DIRIGERA hub had a firmware update and it wrecked the connection. Can you confirm what the latest firmware is, mine is running 2.155.1. This is so frustrating. I've got two ikea speakers and three sonos branded speakers, nothing will show so the ikea remotes are useless. Everytime I reset the DIRIGERA I have to go around and reconnect all my ikea lights and switches, this is so painful.

Hi @Rondo, Thanks for the information! We have had a closer look at the speakers and we are working on a fix for these issues. It is scheduled for the next release! I hope this helps.




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So what do I do until then? I've purchased a lot of products that are meant to work together and now they don't work. I've also found that when using a STYRBAR switch to turn off lights and the DIRIGERA hub, the App does not update the status of the light. So if you turn the light on with the switch, you need to turn it 'on' again in the app to then be able to turn it off. It really sounds like the DIRIGERA hub and new app are not ready for consumer market and shouldn't have been sold yet as they don't work as advertised.


After letting this sit for just over a month, I have had no change in my situation, with absolutely no help from Ikea. Product simply does not work, software is useless and customer support non-existent. I simply cut my losses and took everything back to Ikea. Even that was difficult as they really don't like you telling them that their product is junk.

Hello, I am sorry that you ended up taking this item back. We have fed your experience back to the relevant team - Vicki 

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