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All about Kallax

Hej Everyone, Over the last 6 months we have learnt from our members that Kallax is one of the communities favourite products and people have loads of questions about it. So the IKEA community team have collated some of the useful questions and insp...

BillyM by Moderator
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Some questions:Can I add a vertical two unit to a horizontal four unit to make a horizontal six unit?  If so do I have to order additional fixings?Is an under frame essential?Can I fix IKEA castors to the assembled product?

PaulCW by Contributor
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Adapt to move centre pieces to side

Hi. I am looking to use a Kallax 2x2 to house my vintage HiFi equipment. I already have one but I would like to add another but to allow storage of my 47cm wide receiver. Would it be an easy job to drill new holes and move the central vertical pieces...

Igf100 by Contributor
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Legs for 2x1 kallax

Hey,does anyone know if besta legs can be used on the kallax range? I have the 4x1 unit on the underframe and I wanted to put 2 2x1 either side as a tv unit/storage. Only thing is they don’t come with legs won’t sit level. or does anyone know legs to...

Emmaxx by Contributor
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Kallax 3 unit storage.

Hi. I see ikea sell the Kallax in Australia in 3 box wide (303.721.88) is there any plans to bring this size of unit to the UK??? As this seems to be unavailable in the UK.4 box wide is to long for my needs without cutting it down which isn't ideal. ...

Mike2717 by Contributor
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Lack/killax combination

I need a 'built in' TV and storage unit built in to the alcove at the side of a chimney breast. It's approx 117cm wide. I'm thinking of using the 2x2 (77x77cm) killax unit and then using the small lack shelves to fill in the gap with another lack she...

Neddyw by Contributor
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Hi is the kallax can be used as atv unit without fixing it to the wall ?

Salma by Contributor
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Samla boxes stackable?

Hi!I'm looking to have two stackable boxes within my each of my kallax unit spaces. Does anyone know if the samla boxes stack on top of each other without the lids please? Before I buy a shed load!

HayleyB by Contributor
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