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Ask about Pax

Everything about PAX This thread is pinned

Hej everyone, Our community has been running for over 6 months now and we can see that there are loads of questions and thoughts about PAX. ...

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BillyM by Moderator

75 cm PAX Frame - Doors?

Hi. We bought some PAX frames that are 236 x 75 cm, but the doors offered by IKEA are 50cm and a horrid mirror strip of 25 cm. Does anyone k...

PAX with sliding door

Hi i am designing a 200cm wide and 200 high pax wardrobe with sliding doors. the leeds showroom had this made up with 100cm frame plus 2 x 5...

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joh by Contributor

Pax Wardrobe Lightning Fault

Hi,We have a Pax wardrobe system with BJORNOYA glass sliding doors and a OVERSIDAN light in each unit.In one of the units the light is situa...

Pax Wardrobes

Hi. I’m planning on using a run of wardrobes in front of the skirting board. Is there a cover panel or something similar that could be used ...

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Jenny by Contributor

Resolved! Pax wall fixings

Hi, anyone know the height from floor of wall fixings for pax 236cm high wardrobes?

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Ewan1574 by Contributor

Reinsvoll wardrobe doors grey/green

Hi everyone, Does anyone know if the grey green wardrobe doors in Reinsvoll range will be back in stock in the UK? I really like the colour ...

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Ikeafan by Contributor

Resolved! Komplement soft close Hinge

The soft close mechanism on one of the two hinges isn't working. The grey soft close part on the hinge seems to be stuck and isn't moving wh...

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