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Everything about PAX

Hej everyone, Our community has been running for over 6 months now and we can see that there are loads of questions and thoughts about PAX. So we thought we would create an overview of PAX with links to threads, tips and ideas that people have asked...

BillyM by Moderator
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Pax - weight load of a drawer & basket

We are considering using PAX as a larder storage solution in an existing cupboard we have. Does anyone know the max weight load of the baskets & drawers - I can’t see it on the instructions anywhere ? Only asking as I hope to store a food mixer and f...

Linda2 by Contributor
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PAX 35cm

Good Morning!I am planning a PAX 35cm wardrobe for my daughter, and wondered if anyone could tell me if I can use a conventional hanging rail (hanging clothes left to right, as you do in the deeper PAX) and use children's sized coat hangers rather th...

B19T79 by Contributor
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New PAX colours?

I've heard there's a 'Dark Grey' colour being added to the PAX range (release date?), is there any other colours set to be released alongside this? and if so when are they set to be released?

Rambo by Contributor
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Pax corner wardrobe

HiI have 2 double pax wardrobes and I want to add one on the corner. Would it work if I just bought a single pax and put it on the corner end of the double. I thought maybe I could remove the last door of the double and put it on the single and then ...

Soft closing device for pax sliding doors

Hi all,I have ordered a pax wardrobe, however the ‘soft opening/closing device’ (504.437.74) is out of stock and does not seem like it will be coming back as it is listed as ‘last chance to buy’will the ‘soft closing device’ (503.274.54) fit all pax ...

Sam_94 by Contributor
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We have slowly been building our wardrobes as we can afford to. Only have to get the doors now.We were going to get the Forsand doors in the dark brown black wood. But all that is available in this door now is white or light oak. Neither of which we ...

ALH by Contributor
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Variera cover caps for Pax- how many?

We've bought a pax wardrobe combination 250cm- 2x 100 1x 50 and I want to buy the cover caps to cover all the holes... but I can't find anywhere how many of these cover caps I need! I don't want to waste money and plastic by buying loads, but I also ...

megsan by Contributor
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Pax Wardrobe holes

Hi, we am trying to design Pax wardrobe but we have, what may be a silly question. We do not want to have doors on the middle section (please see photo) however, will there be hundreds of holes on the inside of the cabinet?THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!x

Dan51 by Contributor
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