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Need filters for old style Utdrag

I have an old style Utdrag extractor fan - 70304625 - and the filters that ikea sold me don’t fit (I’m guessing they’re for the new model). ...

Basin trap

We have an ikea basin about 5 years old above a vanity draw until. The ikea waste/plug has failed where the pop up stopper is. I bought a RA...

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Brainy by Member

Ivar Corner 56 x 56 x 30

Ivar corner 56 x 56 x 30 These have been oos for an age now, do you know if they will be coming back please? I have a full playroom return t...

Resolved! Gloss white door - 901.905.24

Hello all, hopefully this is a very easy question. I’m just wondering if the above product (if bought alone. Not part of a pack) come pre dr...

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Mash68 by Member

Spare parts policies.

I needed some assorted screw for a wardobe because I somehow misplaced the bag they were in. I went to my local store(Croydon) and when I go...

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V65Racer by Contributor

Vårda wood stain brown

Does anyone know of a comparable stain that can replace the Varda Brown stain? It has not been in stock. Thanks!

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rwlm3 by Contributor

Stock of Langaryd

Hello!I can see nearly all of the Langaryd lines are back in stock. Except the one I am waiting for of course!Will this be in stock soon? Or...

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CTS88 by Contributor

Click and collect

If my order is ready but it’s before my time slot can I still go and collect my item before the time slot?

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tumble26 by Contributor

Trotten sit/stand desk beige

I am considering purchasing 2 of the Trotten sit/stand desks for my office.I like the beige colour but need to check if it will be compatibl...

Customer services, do they exist?

I just realised that the order I received earlier this week was missing the two soap dishes I’d ordered. Well, I’ve been going round in circ...

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Veekay by Contributor

Stuva Grundlig replacement

Hi there,Our Stuva Grundlig drawer has broken and looking to buy a replacement. I have been searching on the website but couldn't find it.Wo...

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MK7 by Contributor

custom worktop

does anyone know if I have to order a custom worktop in store? I have the cabinets and found out my worktop isn't the right depth.

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ncooper by Contributor

Resolved! Out of stock Platsa items

Anybody know when Bristol UK store will be restocked with Sannidal doors 40cm x40cm (#203.955.43) & Hjalpa Wire baskets 80cm x40cm (#203.311...

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CLSmed09 by Contributor

Poang Chair

I have just been given a Poang chair by a friend and the cushions need a wash. Can you advise me on the temperature of wash that I should us...

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Tedsui by Contributor

Resolved! KUNGSFORS Suspension rail + Wall Grid

HelloI have bought a KUNGSFORS Suspension rail, which is supposed to accommodate a selection of items (shelves, grid, knife rack) that is ex...

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Linda3 by Contributor

Resolved! Jonaxel storage

Could I put a 17kg microwave on the top of the Jonaxel 50x51x70 frame with a top or shelves?

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Trixy by Contributor
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