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Resolved! DUNDERGUBBE Moving box

Hi, does anyone know if the above moving boxes come packaged in some type ofwrapping or just as they are. Thanks.

dave99 by New Contributor
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Luroy - Slatted bed base, Standard Single

Hi, I was disappointed with the quality of slatted bed base.  The slatted bed base that I bought last month is broken.  Can I exchange it for a new one?

YW by New Contributor
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European Size Bed

I have an older IKEA bed frame which is an EU Queen Size 160 x 200cm.Our mattress is very new but need a new bed. Am I able to order in a European sized bed from my local store in Glasgow? 

jllessur by New Contributor
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What is this cabinet ?

I'm looking to recreate this cabinet in one of our new rooms, as per: the tell grey metal mesh fronted cabinet which the article describes as: "Find ...

Resolved! Bed Slats

The bed slats on an Ikea single bed keep slipping out  Has anyone else encountered this before?  If so is there a solution anyone can recommend?  I assume the curve on the slats should face down not up?

Bad_DIY by New Contributor
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Hemnes Bed, Replacement Drawers for

Does anyone know how to get replacement drawers for the Hemnes Day beds?  One of ours has been destroyed in a teenaged rage, and I cannot see them available as an individual option.HEMNES (Day-bed frame with 3 drawers) 

Skogsviken towel rail

Hello. Could anyone who owns SKOGSVIKEN towel rail please let me know how far apart are the hole centres for the screws? Thank you. 

Paulusa by New Contributor
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Faulty items

So my partner ordered us some shelf’s for the bedroom about a month back now, we have finally moved into the house and put them up less that 24 hours ago. They have been put up according to the instructions but have ripped themselves out of the wall ...

looking for a piece for my kids sniglar cot conversion

trying to find the plank of wood from the online Website  so I can remove the 4th bar on his sniglar cot to convert it to a toddler bed  this piece did not come with the package one year ago  what is the name of the plank of wood and screws I can buy...

franjanu by New Contributor
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Malm came with a damaged face frame

Hey everyone, I bought an IKEA Malm drawer last week that came with a damaged face frame. I contacted support about what were my options and the only options that were given to me is to go back to the store with the damaged item and get a replacement...

rfpru by New Contributor
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Order Change

Hello,is it possible to change an online order and remove some  items but keep the remaining items for the scheduled delivery date? 

Omid by New Contributor
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We have had a new kitchen in about a week and have noticed the oven door handle is bending. There has no knocks or anything it is the heat from the oven. Can anyone help

cheyne0 by New Contributor
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Valvag mattress

Will a valvag double mattress be suitable for a divan base

Pj by New Contributor
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Fridan wand

Hello, I have these blinds. The wand side clicks into the bracket but it’s so stiff to pull up and down. Also when down it just unravels non stop how do I fix this?

Shamisoa by New Contributor
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brimnes wardrobe 3 doors - Hinges

Hello,I have a Brimnes wardrobe but no hinges to build the doors. I bought Hjälpa hinges but they don't fit. Which ones are the correct ones? Thanks a lot, Best, Charlotte 

Charlotte by New Contributor
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