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Sofa Woes

I ordered a sofa which was a 'last chance to buy'. It was showing as in stock and so I ordered it. One cover delivered on Wednesday, the sofa delivered today. No other covers were with the order and I've never been told they are out of stock. Rang customer services who told me that the covers are never likely to be in stock. I asked for alternatives and they can order a different, current cover at my additional expense or cancel the whole thing. Whilst considering I was cut off.

I rang back to speak to a different person who put me on hold. That call was then cut off.

I rang a third time to be told the alternative covers were not in stock either, with no forecast date for being in stock, so reluctantly I cancelled the lot, only to be told the refund would not include the delivery, but they would at least waive the collection fee.

I then received the collection notice to note it had a £25 fee for collection which, unless paid, would mean my collection would not take place. I rang a fourth time to sort this out but the original collection had to be cancelled and has now been put back days as it had to be rebooked.

I still feel no closer to a refund, have paid delivery for something that was never going to be fully delivered and am still without a sofa.

My question to the community is: Is this just unfortunate or does this happen a lot as I don't want to order another sofa from IKEA if this is the standard experience? and is this the standard customer service experience if something goes wrong? I feel IKEA has taken an order for a product it knew it could never fully deliver in the hope that I just accepted covers would be missing (who wants a sofa without covers?!).

Also, I can still order the SÖDERHAMN Corner sofa, 4-seat  in Fridtuna Grey which is showing in stock but am assuming that, if I did, the covers would not arrive either. Why can I order a complete sofa which I know has out of stock items when I can't order a compete wardrobe that I would like to order as there is a hanging rail missing?!

To say my experience has been less than satisfactory would be very much an understatement.

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Hi, richie_spur, I am sorry to hear what has happened. This is snot usual practice no, we have had a lot of supplier issues and we can only advise what information we have when you contact us in regards to stock ect. 

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