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Dirigera - family sharing

Hi all! I’ve just set up a Dirigera hub and can’t see how to share it with other family members, except for getting each of them (on each device) to go scan the hub’s QR code and repeat the whole setup process. Is there something I’ve missed, or is t...

Tradfri remotes won't update and are draining batteries

Hi IKEA team,running the new Dirigera hub for 2+ months now, I have made the following observation:I have 50 Tradfri controls (remotes, switches, sensors and shortcut buttons). 44 of them have been updated to a firmware 24.4.5, while 6 of them are st...

Heiko by Contributor
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Blind open/close buttons unresponsive on Dirigera

Hi folks,I moved to Dirigera from Tradfi due to unresponsive devices.All worked well for a few weeks, indeed I have been impressed with the app experience. However, in recent days all the open/close buttons for my blinds have become unresponsive. I h...

wurzle by Contributor
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Tradfri shortcut button

   The Tradfri shortcut button has 3 options on the Traffri hub single press double press and long press. Each of these can have a separate scene assigned to them.       However when paired with the Dirigera hub there is only the single press option....

Adding family members to dirigera

Hi, is there anyway to add a second device to control the dirigera hub? I downloaded the new home smart app on my ipad and tried to connect like i first did when setting it up on my iphone but it just says ”we didn’t find any hubs”. 

Jonthe by Contributor
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Resolved! Rooms and scenes disappeared

Since updating to version 1.1.1 of the Home Smart app, all of our rooms and scenes have disappeared. We can still manually control products. 

Bean by Contributor
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Speakers not showing in Home Smart App

Purchased SYMFONISK speakers along with the sound remote. Initial setup went well with speakers added in the Sonos app and immediately showing in the Home Smart App and remote working perfectly. Around two weeks later all speakers stopped showing in ...

Rondo by Contributor
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