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Check for New devices Not working

Hello,perhaps I’m missing something, but when I try in Google home or apple HomeKit to check for new devices, it takes me to the ikea app and then shows me a page where is confirms that my Google home account is linked and my apple HomeKit account is...

Dickie_P by Contributor
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Dirigera - family sharing

Hi all! I’ve just set up a Dirigera hub and can’t see how to share it with other family members, except for getting each of them (on each device) to go scan the hub’s QR code and repeat the whole setup process. Is there something I’ve missed, or is t...

Resolved! Rooms and scenes disappeared

Since updating to version 1.1.1 of the Home Smart app, all of our rooms and scenes have disappeared. We can still manually control products. 

Bean by Contributor
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DIRIGERA Hub not pairing with Tradfri drivers

#oversidan #Tradfri #Dirigera Bought a new DIRIGERA hub, drivers and led strips. Hub connects to wire, works in app. Shows as online. See all the traffic to the AWS services ect. Mobile on same subnet as hub, go to add a tradfri driver. Following on ...

How do I play a radio station on Sonos in a scene?

 How can I add a scene to start the radio playing on my speakers?When I add a scene, select 'Speakers', select a speaker, and then select 'Choose Music', all I have available in the list is 'Your playlists'.The app doesn't let you add radio stations ...

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Garywoo by Contributor
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