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Tradfri shortcut button

   The Tradfri shortcut button has 3 options on the Traffri hub single press double press and long press. Each of these can have a separate scene assigned to them.       However when paired with the Dirigera hub there is only the single press option....

Resolved! Rooms and scenes disappeared

Since updating to version 1.1.1 of the Home Smart app, all of our rooms and scenes have disappeared. We can still manually control products. 

Bean by Contributor
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DIRIGERA - Sunrise - Dim LED at defined time

Hi there,with new Dirigera, i can't find the option to softly start the lamps in the bedroom at a defined time (7:30am) to dim up (from 0% to 100% in 30 minutes) (as a sunrise).With old Tradfri, i could set the time (for example to 8am). At 7:30am, t...

khrmn by Contributor
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DIRIGERA - Motion Sensor - Set Brightness

Hi there,i have Dirigera and Tradfri Motion Sensor.i would like to set the Brightness of the lamps in the App with Dirigera.Right now, at night, it blinds me, because the lamps are being switched on to 100 % Brightness.Feels like Armageddon xD 

khrmn by Contributor
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DIRIGERA Hub not pairing with Tradfri drivers

#oversidan #Tradfri #Dirigera Bought a new DIRIGERA hub, drivers and led strips. Hub connects to wire, works in app. Shows as online. See all the traffic to the AWS services ect. Mobile on same subnet as hub, go to add a tradfri driver. Following on ...

the TRADFRI shortcut button and DIRIGERA hub work

does anyone know if the TRADFRI shortcut button and the new DIRIGERA hub work with amazon alexa in such a way that i can use the buttons to control other non ikea smart home items? i.e. can the digiera hub communicate that the tradfri button is being...

stretton by Contributor
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E27 Bulb emits a high pitch noise when off

I have got 8 TRADFRI bulb E27 CWS opal 600lm all on Firmware version: 2.3.093 but when they are off they all emit a high pitch noise, anyone else have this? It is a quite annoying when you're walking past them but since putting some outside the local...