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Upgrading bed slats from LURÖY to LÖNSET?

We have a Malm bed with the LURÖY slatted base. Unfortunately many of the slats have broken. Is it possible to replace it with a LÖNSET base? The LURÖY size for a standard double is listed as 190 x 134cm but the LÖNSET standard double size is listed ...

Galant passcode

Good afternoon All,I accidentally set a passcode for my file cabinet, and now I am unable to reset the passcode using the manual. Can anyone help me?   

YCDC by Visitor
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Vimle 2019

Hello all! I have a Vimle sofa bought in 2019 and I want to add a module to it. Is the 2022 design compatible with 2019 modules? I ask because  I noticed that the product info of the Vimle armrest says it is only compatible with models bought from Ap...

Agunnaryd ceiling light

Hej! Does anybody know if the cords can be adjusted up and down in terms of height for this light? I have a low ceiling so I'd like to adjust up the way? Thanks!

ÖVERSIDAN lights don't work with BJÖRNÖYA doors

I've just order a PAX wardrobe with BJÖRNÖYA doors and included ÖVERSIDAN lights, but because the light strip sensor is sensitive to light, and the doors are slightly translucent, closing the door isn't enough of a difference in light to automaticall...

Handles for Vikedal doors

HelloDoes anyone know if the Vikedal doors come with handles. In the picture it looks like it does but I can’t find anything in description to confirm this. thank youECheck out this VIKEDAL from IKEA. Here’s a little more information: https://ingka.p...

Elaina by Visitor
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ACTUAL wardrobe door sizes?

Hi we've what I think is a PAX wardrobe and we've concluded we could lighten up the room by swapping the dark red doors for white, the case is 100cm wide to the outside edge and the doors measure 49cm, silly question maybe but despite there being 49c...

NYSJÖN - leg size

Hi Can anyone please tell me the size of the legs on this undersink cabinet? Thank you!Lu

Luisa7 by New Contributor
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Desk set up

I'm redecorating my office and hoping to have the below criteria, can anyone advise?- Matching wood/wood effect tops- 1 x 120 wide by 70-80cm deep- 1 x 100 wide by 60cm deep - Replace some legs with a set of drawers- Ideally not Adils legs because th...

hwknc by New Contributor
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Brogrund tap control misaligned

Hi, Can anyone explain the awkward offset of the Brogrund tap handle? When the handle is aligned with the spout this is the 'cold' position, NOT the mid-position - the handle will then move only a few degrees to the right, but a full 90 degrees to th...

TheBoogle by New Contributor
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Wrong parts of #SNIGLAR (Changing table)

It seems to me the Sniglar changing table should have two pairs of different legs. But the one that I bought from Wednesbury has four same legs. Did I get something wrong here? SNIGLAR (Changing table) 

fraum by New Contributor
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PAX door combination - sliding + hinged

Hi, We have two 100cm wide PAX frames and one 50cm PAX Frame, and need to find doors.Unfortunately we don't have the depth to open hinged doors for the 100 frames, so we had planned to use sliding doors on the two 100 frames and a hinged door on the ...

Wanda1996 by New Contributor
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Bekant desk wobbling so much when i type

Can someone please help! I want to keep this desk so bad but the wobble is pretty bad. When I type it is impacting the monitor. Any advice?The desk is completely level.

hay by New Contributor
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White Colour Brimes vs. Nordli vs. Grimo

Can anyone please tell me if all three of the above ranges use the same colour white on the finish.We are looking at mixing and matching the ranges due to the sizes of the room so need to ensure that the whites are the same.Thanks,

JennyB by New Contributor
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Ejler desk flat pack weight

Hi alli’n looking to buy the ejler desk, however I can’t drive and my pick up has fallen through. does anybody know if it’s light enough in its flat pack form to tie onto a trolley & take on public transport? 

Glitch82 by New Contributor
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I need to know the weight limit of the shelf on the Besta unit using the metal brackets I want to put a small fish tank on the shelf 

richard1 by New Contributor
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PAX Corner Wardrobe

Does anyone know if they have stopped the PAX corner wardrobes in brown black? I’ve been keeping an eye out for months now and there’s been no sign of this colour option being offered any longer. 

S-S by New Contributor
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SKÅDIS attachments

Hi there, I see online you can buy the SKÅDIS in black, however there doesn't appear to be any accessories such as the hooks or storage bins offered in that colour. Is there any way these accessories can be supplied in black rather than white. It wil...

Smismith by New Contributor
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