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The small changes you make can have a big impact – that’s the philosophy that powers our Live Lagom community.


The Swedish phrase “Lagom är bast” means “the right amount is best” and we believe that’s the key to sustainable living.


Use just the right amount of what you need – whether it’s food, energy or water – and leave the rest for the planet.



IKEA Live LAGOM programme has been running for a number of years for customers and co-workers to enable sustainable living behaviour. IKEA partnered with University of Surrey (Centre of Environment & Sustainability) responsible for monitoring and evaluating the success. Also Hubbub who is a charity dedicated to communicating sustainability issues to the many people.   Together we started to enable peer to peer behaviour change for customers to show that sustainable living is easy, affordable and desirable.


From the programme participants have driven change by using products and home furnishing knowledge, which in turn helps to save energy and water, reduce waste and promote a healthy lifestyle. On average participants of Live LAGOM programme have saved £1441 a year.


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How to get involved

Each year we invite IKEA family members to join the live Lagom community programme where several households are selected for each store to test and try products and look at what they have already in their homes and learn how to live a more sustainable lifestyle. We run workshops throughout the year from creating a cosy home, upcycling and personalising their furniture to growing their own food



How can you find out more?

Join IKEA family and subscribe to our emails communication to be kept up to date with live LAGOM ambassador programme, tips and advice. In the meantime you can visit our website to learn more from Live Lagom ambassadors here


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