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Axstad blue shaker kitchen

Anyone know if there is an equivalent paint colour that is a match to the axstad kitchen in IKEA matt blue ?I really want to use it as a wall paint ...

Wood car light

Hello,  I’m looking to build a wood car light and need two headlights. I think the ‘mittled’ spotlight would be great, but really would like a controller that I can connect two #mittled to, and also dim the lights as required. Is there a product that...

Drop down wall mounted desk with built in screens

I live in a small space and occasionally have to work from home, I found a excellent desk that attaches to the wall and folds down to reveal one or two screens built inside, or when folded up is just a simple piece of artwork or whiteboard or chalkbo...

Rakkestad 3door wardrobe

Recently bought this wardrobe. Page 13, diagram 6 instruction book. How do I widen holes to hammer in plugs without using excessive force. Thank you  

Granny4 by Contributor
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Share your sleep tips

Share Good night sleep tips We believe in the power of sleep. Getting the right amount of quality shut-eye is vital if you’re to be at your best the following day. Sleep quality can be affected by lots of different things. Share w...

fa79a60343f30b0df81aae07b290d7e6.png 4e5a3672d225e5203beb8ca580210c84.JPG
scbir1 by Community Manager
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Metod Suspension Rail

Hi,The instruction give the hight for the suspension rail for a 220cm high metod unit ias 222cm above floor level, is this based on using 8cm legs? And if I want to use 16cm legs would I have to raise the hight of the rail to 230cm?

Felix by Contributor
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Kullen and Malm match?

Hello, does the Malm white bed match the Kullen white drawers? Please if anyone knows let me know. And what white wardrobe would match the MALM bed we have? Thank you. kind regards, Maria. 

Maria1 by Contributor
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