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Above the kitchen cupboards

I'm looking for something that I can put above my current kitchen cupboards to use as storage. It needs to have a lid and be wipe able. I want it to look good - not the jumbled mess I currently have! 


The Grey colour debate…

Hej! to all in the community   Sooo… I just wanted to put this out there to get a feel for the general opinion… The other day I got into a heated discussion with a friend about decor colour schemes ( trying to work out what to do with my very, very d...

Starting Uni top tips

Starting University can be daunting but exciting, but before you leave your parents behind, you are going to need a little help getting started.  Instead of walking round IKEA not knowing where to start, we have created a checklist on what you may n...

PH185039-crop001.jpg Student shopping list.JPG PH185039-crop001.jpg
scbir1 by Community Manager
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Black Metal Framing

 Does anyone know if this black metal framing is available to buy from ikeA? 

Trodway by New Contributor
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Need to identify and get instructions for wardrobe

Hi. I have had to take this wardrobe apart during a move.However, I have lost the instructions and can’t figure out how to put it back together.I would be really grateful if someone could identify for model, or even better link me the instructions.Th...

KyleB by New Contributor
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Pax Rail

Hi, I gave a standard depth pax wardrobe with a standard 100cm rail at the top. I would like a second rail at the bottom but not going the full width to allow between 30-50cm free to allow me to hang a few long dresses. Essentially I would like to fi...

Gee by New Contributor
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Dressy Tables

So im now getting to the age where i like nice things! im not quite creative enough yet to dress my whole dining table for a lovely dinner with friends, but i have started small and fallen in love with the ARV BRÖLLOP cake stand.  ARV BRÖLLOP clear g...

VickiK by Moderator
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Feels like Christmas!

I went shopping today, felt like Christmas when I get home and see what I bought. There was a beautiful piece of graffiti on one of the walls as we wandered through the store and I had to take a picture to share with you all. I would love something l...

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