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Feels like Christmas!

I went shopping today, felt like Christmas when I get home and see what I bought. There was a beautiful piece of graffiti on one of the walls as we wandered through the store and I had to take a picture to share with you all. I would love something like this in my bedroom! I managed to buy just a few items to start getting my crafting room/spare bedroom in order. We don't really have visitors but I will be putting my old Ikea day bed in there as a sofa but it can be used as a spare bed if we need it. Today though I managed to get a SKÅDIS (Pegboard) which has been out of stock locally for a while. I also got some UPPSNOFSAD (Storage box with lid) to go on my NISSAFORS (Trolley) and I also got some NOJIG (Organiser)  in different shapes and sizes. Now I just need to put some of it together and try and decide where everything is going to sit then I can sit down and eat some lovely cinnamon swirls with a coffee. I can't believe I spent 2 hours browsing! 20220607_111642.jpg20220607_124017.jpg

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Super Helper

I love the SKÅDIS (Pegboard) i am still waiting on the pegs to come back into stock in my local IKEA

Super Helper

@Sian I had a little trouble finding the pegs because they weren't with the first lot of boards I found but I did find them eventually. The boards have been out of stock here for a while so I was really happy to see them back in 🙂


Love this @Sleepyparadise and i hope you will be sharing your finished room with us 😊

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Wow yes that graffiti picture is lovely, let us know if you manage to do something similar.

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Hi @Sleepyparadise 

I don't know where that piece was from (or of it was an original), but you can get similar wall murals online from places like wallsauce. They aren't that expensive (depending on size), easy to put up, and ate a great way of adding interest and colour to a room 

Good luck!