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Desert Island DISKAD



Hej everyone! 

I was recently listening to an episode of Desert Island Disks and it made me wonder, what three IKEA products would I take to a desert island? 🤔

After a lot of contemplating and deliberation, this is what I came up with:

  • VATNESTRÖM (Pocket sprung mattress) - If I'm going to be sleeping on a desert island, I might as well be comfortable doing it! 😴
  • FIXA (17-piece tool set) - Something practical that could cover a wide range of uses, although, I'm not the best handyman myself! 🛠
  • DJUNGELSKOG (Soft toy) - I feel like you need someone or something to keep you company and what better than our resident brown bear! 🐻

I would love to hear what different ideas or products you'd take to the island with you! Look forward to seeing what you come up with 😀


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Hi Community..

So this is simple for me. Lets be honest, I'm not gonna be stranded for life - so I plan on making the most of it. I was thinking lets go with a right good wee BBQ, some meatballs and the relaxing quintessential, Ikea Chair - the Poang.

No one can argue that chilling out on my Poang by the beach while the meatballs are cooking on the BBQ isn't Luxury Desert Island vibes! 

Thoughts welcome...

Contributor II

Ok so I like the idea of a mattress but for me I think the GÅRÖ / FREDÖN (Hammock with stand)  would be a better option, less pressure than a mattress on sand 😉 Whether or not I could master getting in and out of it is another matter entirely but that is my number 1 item. Number 2 ESSENTIAL item would have to be BRYNE (Net)  cos apparently I am pretty tasty to them nasty little bitey bugs 😂 and last but not least, my number 3 item would be KORPÖN (Portable charcoal barbecue) because despite it saying charcoal I am pretty sure it would work with twigs etc.  @LokiP thanks for the info on the KLUBBSPORRE (Ergonomic pillow, multi position) I have been weighing up buying one of these as I suffer night sweats so I guess this is the thing to look for on my next trip to Ikea 🙂 


So for a desert island - I have got to have a KLUBBSPORRE (Ergonomic pillow, multi position)  - especially the one with cold gel in it... and sorry for oversharing but as someone who sweats this is great right now. I mean my other thing that i love SKÅDIS (Pegboard)  but where would i hang it - I guess on a coconut tree - also BERGENES (Holder for mobile phone/tablet)  for chilling 




Hey Kieran, The items you would take are very practical. I think I would take the following:




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