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Buyback - Wardrobes

Hi, I have two wardrobes to bring to store and use the buyback system, Will someone form the store be able to help me moving the wardrobes from the van?

A1234 by Contributor
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Ikea Buyback Pitfalls

I had a horrible experience with buyback and I needed to vent this somewhere. Hopefully, this will help someone else, or maybe Ikea is listening.Ikea currently has a promotion where you get a 50% increase in the buyback promotion for family members. ...

dtsn by Contributor
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Faulty armrest

Hello, I have had the IKEA Malcolm chair for 7 years it finally broke so I decided to buy the millberget which seemed similar. It is, but the armrest has broken in under a week of having the chair, could I be sent another arm rest please? My other ch...


Replacement bulb for Naevlinge led floor lamp - white         Hi can anyone advise how to order a free if charge replacement bulb for this product please? Was advised in store yesterday it was straight forward which for missing b...

Rug by Contributor
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TIDIG shade replacement

Hi there, I recently moved and one of the glass shades on my TIDIG ceiling lamp broke. The light is fine. Is it possible to purchase a replacement shade? It would be a shame to have to junk the entire light.

Recycling a cellular blind

Hi, We have used Hoppvals cellular blinds for about 7 years and we think they are great. After 7 years one broke. We have replaced it but we would like to do something with the old blind. Is there anywhere we can recycle the polyester fabric? Thank y...

Solhetta LED E27

Delivered 18.01.2022. Renovating my house so not installed in the Ikea pendant light for a while. Yesterday one of the bulbs failed. Ikea claims "energy-efficient and long-lasting LED light bulb has a lifetime of approximately 25,000 hours". Obviousl...

ValCar by Contributor
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