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Household bills challenge

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Community Manager

We are all being affected by the increase in energy prices, but there are some small actions we can take to make the costs feel a little less painful.  The energy saving trust have lots of suggestions on how to save money, we picked 3 changes which could save your household up to £135 a year! 

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Find how our Live LAGOM community have saved energy and money here  

We want to hear what changes you could make to save money from your household bills, hit ‘reply’ at the bottom of this post to share your photos and stories.



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I live in a Victorian house and although the fireplace looks lovely, it’s also very draughty! My solution to this has been to stuff it with foam and wool that was used to protect items I purchased online. It has saved us money on the heating bill and my dog, Snoop, is happy as he can avoid the cold draughts. 😁



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I always make sure that the thermostat on radiators in smaller rooms is turned down. The kids have been taught from a young age that plugs and lights are to be switched off, as well as taps not left running whilst brushing their teeth etc as we have a water meter. I no longer have a tumble drier so my washing is on the line most of year and then on clothes airer when that isn't possible. 


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I manage to save money on water and energy bills by putting the plug in the bath when showering and re-using the water to hand wash/ rinse clothes I only wear for exercise or working from home and for flushing the toilet

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Our heating oil bill has rocketed and our old house with thick walls gets very cold, even in summer.  I'm making sure all blinds and curtains are open in the day to let in as much warmth from the sun as possible; have bought and made draft excluders; and we're relying on our woodburners a lot more for heat in the evenings.

Great idea Jo!


It sounds really simple, but with so many of us working from home now, its too easy just to leave things switched on all the time. Over the last few weeks i've made a conscious effort to turn things off when im not using them (not just standby-off). The difference ive noticed is scary. Without a word of a lie, 25% saving in my bills in the last couple of weeks. 


To save me climbing under desks and behind televisions, i've treated myself to some TRÅDFRI wireless control outlets! I'll have made my money back in a month or 2 and then it's all savings from then on in!




Can you use them with extension leads - so if you put on an extension lead it would turn off all 4 devices - I am just thinking for my computer set up - so I could turn the monitors and stuff as well as the charging plug points

Absolutely mate. Nothing stopping you doing that. Only downside is that it turns on/off all plugs on the ext rather than just one... but for home office set up I suppose that's what your needing. This will work perfectly.

So I have smart plugs on my lamps, a different make though. Do start plugs actually stop the power in the same way as turning then off, or just put them onto standby mode . I assumed it was the later, but if it actually stops the power i will invest in some more 

No, the first. It stops power going to the product altogether, in the dame way as unplugging it. 


I've noticed a big saving moving to them. 

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Some will probably cringe at this, but I got rid of the washing machine and invested in a larger capacity, good, top energy rated washer dryer. I’m not certain I can put the brand here but it’s a well known German brand starting with a “B”. I’ve picked the largest capacity so only do 1 wash a week now, instead of 2 or 3. I’ve lived over a decade with washing hanging off doors, radiators and an airer obstructing the front door, and the result was the start of damp issues that are now costing me a great deal to rectify. I’ve tracked the energy use of the washer dryer on the smart meter monitor, and it uses less energy on the drying cycle than the kettle, microwave and cooker. And because there’s less damp in the air I was able to turn the heating down by 3 degrees 😮 So if like me you don’t have any space outside to dry your clothes it’s well worth investing in a good washer dryer. Also energy tariffs have a cheaper rate at night, soI put the washer dryer and dishwasher on a timer to only run them at night (always on full capacity). Over the past year I’ve also draught proofed all windows, doors and letter box. My window frames are made of aluminium which sucks the heat out unlike UPVC. The landlord won’t allow the windows to be changed because “…it would spoil the look of the building…” ☹️ I’ve tried all sorts of things over the years and nothing really made much difference until I tried the IKEA Hoppvals blinds. I don’t really need blinds for privacy or light control but they worked a treat. They added another layer of insulation along with the curtains and I have noticed the rooms are definitely warmer at night since I’ve had them. I’ve carpeted most rooms and use rugs as well. Also invested in smart light and switch controls so nothing is left on if not in use. I’ve ditched the hair drier and straightener as these things just guzzle electricity, in favour of a low maintenance hair style (also saving a small fortune on hair products and the amount of water used when washing it). Believe me ladies, ditch the heat and your hair will thank you along with your wallet 🤗 I’ve also swapped the cooker, fridge freezer and small kitchen electricals with the most energy efficient I could afford.  A lot of these changes have not been cheap, however my partner did the sums and not only we have slashed our energy and water consumption by almost 30% but it will all pay for itself in a year or 2. 


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Loving all the ideas on here. Going to look into the plugs for sure. For me, we do all mentioned already, All great tips to get into a routine doing. I also find bulk cooking a great way to save some as well. Often buying in bigger bulk makes things cheaper and cooking up big batches and feezing saves on oven and hob times on another day. I always make double or triple of the staple dishes like curry, spag bol, shepards pie, soups , pie fillings etc... also means when I can't be bothered to cook, I can grab something out the freezer rather than spend money on a convenience meal from the supermarket ... that can save me wasting £10 alone for a family of 5 🙈 Also keep an eye on the too good to go app. Always a gamble but you can get best before products at the end if the day for fraction of the price. You don't know what you will get but that's quite fun. We have a farm shop that you can get £15 of product for £5 ... it's all fresh product and again grate for bulk cooking or blanching and freezing


Absolutely! No one idea alone will change much but when you start thinking different and doing a few different thi gs the savings could be huge 😃


I get the kids to wear warm cloths in the house and don't put the heating on unless it is really really cold. Then we all sit in the Livingroom and just have the heating on in there. I also have the thermostat set at times to come on and off. In the summer I turn the heating off at my boiler so it doesn't come on at all by accident if I haven't set it correctly. Also to save money I cook dinners that I can then eat cold the next day like a joint of ham, I have it hot one night and then have it cold with salad the next.

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That's clever... I always forget I can turn off and on certain thermostats. Good idea... *walks around the house adjusting thermostats* 😆 

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That's good... But do be careful in the winter and be sure to try and heat up if you can when it does get really cold. When I was young, my family couldn't afford heating and my Mum ended up being in hospital. We were always wearing coats, but we all got sick a lot.

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If you are a 1 or 2 person household definitely get a water meter fitted, I cut my bills by 60% - 1 person household, no garden to water.

Use comparison sites to get better deals on Insurance, Phone & Broadband deals.

Shop around (if you have the time) for better deals on  your weekly food bill.

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Hello, we have had heating off downstairs all winter due to leak (eek!), electric space heaters were costing us £5 a day (!!!) so it has been mighty cold in the kitchen. Unfortunately, it is on the ground floor so it stays cold even when the heating is on upstairs. I always open the kitchen door when I finish cooking so the heat goes into the room. We have thick curtains on the doors and windows in the kitchen.

We have left a dehumidifier on, it doesn't use too much electricity and makes the house more comfortable - also has removed the black mold issue that was starting to creep into the cold walls where moisture was condensing. 


There is an old timber door to the back garden and we have covered the draft with some underlay leftover from when the carpets were changed last year - until we can get it replaced with a double-glazed door.


We bought a mid-terrace thinking that we couldn't afford to heat a detached or semi-, only helpful if you are looking to move already.


We had smart meters installed for free, and a water meter. The water bill halved and we only pay for what we use now - we keep an eye on it throughout the day.

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I have lined curtains fitted to all my external doors, it is surprising the difference it makes cutting out draughts! I use portiere rods so the curtains can stay closed but don't get in the way of the doors opening or closing. 

Curtains are opened during the day to let any heat in, especially on sunny days but are closed as soon as it starts to go dark to keep the heat in.


I tend to batch cook to save energy and use the slow cooker or electric pressure cooker instead of the oven.


I am going to start turning things off properly now instead of leaving on standby!

Hi MaryBP,  Thank you for sharing your ideas. Your ideas are very good.

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I've found I need to turn things into a habit to make them stick otherwise I when I brush my teeth each night I use that time to walk round the house switching every plug off

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I simply switch all my appliances after use, except for something like the fridge.

My washing machine is only used when it is really full and I never ever leave anything on standby because our belove planet is not on stand by either!

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We’ve turned the thermostat down, and also don’t have the heating on when I’m the only one home, have some lovely jumpers and fingerless gloves instead. 
Also trying to teach my children to turn lights and switches off. 


It's all these small things that make the difference 

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I’m trying to run appliances after going to bed when I can, when the electricity rates are a little cheaper.

Wow all of these are such good ideas. I have a large blanket with arms in it so I use that at night when it gets cold. However hopefully warmer weather and brighter nights are on their way fingers crossed. So it will be warmer and we don't need turn on lights so early. 🙂

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I have invested in one of those oversized hoodie. they are comfy and so warm! not had to put my heaters on for over a month! I have also stopped using my tumble dryer. All my lightbulbs are IKEA energy saving ones and i was given them via a scheme at IKEA a few years ago and they are still going! Also Great hack I found on TIKTOK. I use an air dryer, then I place my fan facing the washing and turn it on. Clothes dry within a couple of hours and saves so much electric and money 🙂

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The biggest things for me that have made a difference to my bills are double layering my curtains and reflective panels (homemade with a wire hanger and aluminium foil) behind my radiators! The GLANSNAVA curtain liners that I got are an absolute game changer! They can be hung either directly onto curtains you already have, or added on to another pole behind your existing ones too. Instantly cosy!  

Also a massive fan of batch cooking - I have a small freezer so I find using ISTAD bags handy because I can store things like spag bol and soups flatter and smaller than in a container. 

Definitely going to need to check out that TRADFRI timer thing now......



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Since we using LED lighting everywhere in our house, the low energy consumption saves money and you don't have to always worry to switch the light off to prevent unnecessary power usage.