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Hus rules

Community Manager
Community Manager
  1. Share your IKEA tips, for badges and gratitude.
  2. When you find a good comment, it’s nice to say “Tack” (thanks!).
  3. Be kind
  4. IKEA wants you to be safe. Please swap advice responsibly and flag any unsafe ideas you find.
  5. Help us keep the place neat: check first if your question was already answered.
  6. This space is public – take care of your privacy and look out for other people’s, too.
  7. If anyone’s rude or wants to argue, we’ll ask them to take it elsewhere.
  8. Please go to a marketplace app if you want to sell anything.
  9. Flag a comment so our moderators can help, if anyone breaks our rules or behaves badly.
  10. If you’d like more details, see our Privacy Policy or the full Terms of Use.